Our purpose is to empower individuals, organisations and communities to live better, relate healthily and be more creative. Our vision is a world where people work together to create personal and collective wellbeing. 

Our principles

Our programmes, workshops and spaces are aligned with our own understanding of the world and the way we want to interact with it. We do this based on the following principles: 


To cultivate an inner state of awareness, help and consideration for others. To develop empathy to get to know the real needs of others. To listen to others and to trust their abilities. To create open, dynamic, safe and welcoming spaces. To create in diversity and multidisciplinarity as motors for innovation. To foster spaces and learning experiences that will allow exploration and collective intelligence. 


To know ourselves to integrate our actions with our deep intentions. To cultivate inner calmness and persistence to achieve goals that are meaningful. To trust our personal capacities beyond the context we are in. To be honest and responsible towards others, especially when faced with uncertainty.  To exercise flexibility and adaptability to navigate change. To live with joy and positive thinking as an antidote to challenges. 

Relationship with the whole

To feel as an inseparable part of a bigger whole. Every single one of our actions has an impact in society and the planet. To understand what personal motors and intentions drive us so that we can avoid collateral damage. To connect with ancient wisdom, built upon the contribution of other human beings along history; those who moved humanity forward. To develop intelligence and wellbeing in ourselves and others. 

Our passion

Generative listening

Listening is perhaps the most important skill to effect change. The very act of deep listening has a transforming effect; action stems from it. Our wellbeing increases when active listening increases: it helps to understand ourselves, manage our relationships better and feel connected to the world. The same happens with creativity and productivity. The quality of our actions and their results depend on our degree of attention and listening.  

Collective intelligence

Human beings are social, our lives are based on relationships. Beyond their individual selves, each one of us has abilities that connect us with others and help us solve problems that are shared by all. Giving the right space, we are all capable of communicating and sharing our wisdom with others. 



Development of integral wellbeing

Our mission is to support others to respond to the changing demands of the XXI century through social and personal awareness, empathy, creativity, good relationships and healthy living.  

We strongly believe that a healthy and happy life is the result of the coherence between body, mind and psyche, where it is vitally important the relationships we have with ourselves, others and the world around us. 

Celeste Calvet

Celeste has been working with young people both in formal and informal education for fifteen years. She created and delivered classes for teenagers, such as Peer Counselling, Sex Education, Body Image and Personal Development. She has also run induction programmes for new staff at a boarding school, and she was a Child Protection Officer for ten years. She is a Wellbeing Coach, having trained in the US with the Anthropedia Foundation. She loves working with young people as she believes their wellbeing is paramount for the future of our society. She also thinks it is important to support those who care for young people and work with them. 

Celeste is the co-founder of Inner Bloom and responsible for creating and delivering workshops and running coaching sessions. 



Jorge Liras

Jorge has a background in alternative education and mentoring young people. He was an educator at an alternative international boarding school for 4 years. He has taught Languages, Environmental Education and Personal Development. He also has been involved in projects on health and social care, physical wellbeing, performing arts and nature awareness. He is keen to integrate these disciplines in the workshops with the aim of having a healthy and holistic perspective.  He is currently studying towards a diploma in Naturopathy and Nutrition and he loves organic gardening and the outdoors.

Jorge is the co-funder of Inner Bloom and responsible for production and finances. He also delivers workshops.


Amanda Cozens

Amanda is a face-to-face and online counsellor and has a degree in Counselling Studies as well as a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. She facilitates young people in developing their resilience, wellbeing and aspirations. She has 14 years of experience working within a community setting. She spent five years working within a progressive educational setting where establishing open and supportive relationships was part of the curriculum. She is passionate about her vocation and finds working with young people immensely rewarding. She believes that given the right help young people can discover that their personal autonomy, growth and wellbeing is there to be actualised. 

At Inner Bloom, Amanda offers online counselling as well as being involved in content development.


Organizaciones con quienes tenemos el orgullo de trabajar

Feedback de los participantes de nuestros cursos

"I would be interested to learn more about the other things Celeste and Jorge do as they are very insightful, interesting and caring people and clearly have a passion and interest in the work they do and for people in general. It was really good to have been part of the training." 

-- Support Worker for Young Carers, Eastleigh

"All of the sessions were delivered with patience, compassion, love and understanding. We were able to learn how to be good peer mentors, not only through exercise, but through observation of a deep sense of listening and wisdom displayed through our teachers. As a youth worker, I cannot recommend Inner Bloom highly enough and I feel very inspired. "

-- Amie Simons - Young Carers Project Worker

"To Jorge & Celeste, thank you for giving up your time to help us understand. How inspiring you are. You have encouraged my confidence and improved my skills. I have made loads of friends. I want to say a massive thank you. I will miss you."

-- Amber (workshop participant), 12 years old

"I found both Celeste and Jorge to be very inspirational, warm, passionate people with very loving and compassionate hearts. These qualities never wavered during the training. It is very rare to have training on anything that looks at the mind, body and soul of both the young people and the staff. For this reason, the course is unique and very important. I will not be able to recommend it enough to other member of staff/projects. Thank you!" 

-- Support Worker for Young Carers, Eastleigh

"I have loved the atmosphere here, it’s been so helpful with understanding people. You are both amazing, lovely people. The workshop has been great. Thank you! I would love to do it again!"

-- Workshop participant, 14 years old

"Interesting, invigorating and truly inspiring. Inner Bloom offers a powerful journey into a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. A transforming experience for all those who take part." 

-- Amy Johnson, Youth Co-ordinator at Groundwork South

"Dear Jorge and Celeste, Your Peer Counselling workshop is really fun and insightful; you learn a lot about yourself and others. You are really kind and help us build confidence. We made new friends. Also you teach very cleverly, and I liked the Aesthesie exercise. It was interesting. I will miss you."

-- Workshop participant, 12 years old.