We offer multidisciplinary tools for people to develop self-awareness and wellbeing in their lives. We accompany individuals during processes of change, facilitating the design of life-plans and personal projects aligned with their values and motivations. We support them in having a positive impact on their lives and on their communities. 

Be The Change and Be The Change Youth programmes

Listen. Create. Impact.

Be the Change is a lifelong learning programme to help people realise their potential and work on their individual or group projects.

The programme is designed to help participants to know themselves, become aware of their talents, take action towards a goal with confidence and creativity while cultivating wellbeing, and having a positive impact on their communities. This is done through three main modules:

1. Self-awareness and skills development

2. Communication skills and collaborative work

3. Project development

What You’ll do

• Individual work focused on the development of self-awareness

• Learning by doing: experiential and creative activities

• Collaborative work

• Tackle a project challenge

• Share your ideas and receive feedback

• Become aware of how you can impact the world positively

What You’ll get

• A flexible skill set to discover new insights

• Completed work you can show others

• Feedback from your peers and facilitators

• A new approach to project creation and management

• Increased awareness of your skills and motivations

Our human-centered approach ensures our programme caters to the personal needs of every participant, at every stage. The programme thus can be adapted to different profiles. El programa cuenta con la versión Be The Change Youth adaptada a jóvenes y adolescentes.

Bespoke programmes

We offer programmes and workshops on wellbeing, healthy relationships, empathic communication, etc and we adapt them to the needs of the participants. Contact us for more information.