Receiving feedback

A good measure of how well we are doing is to hear what people have to say about their experience of our workshops. 

Amy Johnson, Youth Co-ordinator at Groundwork South, helped us organise our Peer Counselling workshop with young people at the Energy Centre in Eastleigh. We had eight weeks of learning and working together. She also took part of a two-day training for staff on Counselling Skills for those working with Young People. 

This is what she had to say about the workshops:

Interesting, Invigorating and truly Inspiring. Inner Bloom offers a powerful journey into a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. A transforming experience for all those who take part.

We are so happy to hear what she had to say as we are full of admiration for the work she and her colleagues do for young people. Please check their Facebook site and support what they do. We hope that our collaboration will continue for a long time!